13 Typical food of Malang that makes your tongue be tempted

13 Typical foods of Malang-Hello guys what are you guys? What are the typical foods of Malang? Do you know it? If not let us read below. Previously welcome to the Web Cave that here I will discuss about the typical food of Malang that so many different foods are so tempting to eat and delicious.

Let's look at the typical foods of Malang below:

1. Bakso Malang President

According to the cave meatballs is a very exploding food among all the youngest to the oldest, and the fans are very much until every city loves it. In a Malang city there is a popular meatball that is Bakso Malang president.

In the making of Bakso Malang president uses 100% beef and its dishes use meatballs like the others. Bakso Malang This president has been famous since the year 1977 and so popularity Bakso Malang president has a branch that is scattered in the city of Malang.

And at Bakso Malang this president many variations of choices and mix, among them great meatballs, small meatballs, fried meatballs, long fried meatballs, meatball bones Young, fried meatballs shrimp, siomay wet, fried siomay, lung innards, and others.

And for all those who visit Malang, you should taste the culinary of the typical food of Malang. You can come in one of the branches of Jln. Baranghari No. 5, right behind the Savana hotel. The cave guarantees the food that is in place is very tasty and delicious compared to other foods.

2. Rawon

This one food according to the cave is not familiar to lho all ya. Malang food has a very natural taste of Indonesia which is very strong because this food uses typical Indonesian spices namely garlic, onion, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, coriander, chilli, and vegetable oil.

The typical food of Malang is a fairly popular food in East Java. If you all want to try the food with this gravy delicious taste of strong flavor, you can visit Depot Rawon Nguling at Jln. Zaenal Arifin No. 62 Malang.

3. Orem-Orem

It looks like the broth is similar to gravy Opor or Lodeh, but more viscous because it uses more coconut milk.

The typical food of Malang is very menojol with a spicy flavor that is tempting for spicy enthusiasts to match this food because it is very appetizing. For this food to have a distinctive flavor, this meal is cooked using charcoal coal and does not use a stove.

This meal was served with fried tempeh and mendol. A kind of frying pan made from mashed tempeh, then mixed with special seasoning and fried. In order for us to enjoy this food becomes more delicious, should be added with soy sauce and sambal to your taste.

It's a lot of is if lho all miss the culinary food of this one, because you will not find the typical food of Malang is outside the area, because Orem-Orem is only sold in the area of Malang.

4. Cwie Mie

Cwie Mie is also included in the name list of typical food of Malang which is quite popular so the cave Masukkin. This food is seen more like a regular chicken noodle. However, these cwie noodles use crushed chicken meat which is similar to the shredded.

The taste of the typical food of Malang is more salty because it is quite unique food. To add to the appetite is usually eaten with savory gravy, fresh lettuce leaves, as well as a sprinkling of fried onions.

And to add interesting impression of the typical food of Malang is served using a bowl made of dumplings. For all who are curious about the unique taste of Cwie Mie, just come to Resto Hot Cwie Mie Malang on Jln. Mojorejo No. 99 Junrejo Batu.

5. Ice Durian Dempo

The food that is next is the food with this sweet and fresh flavor is Es Durian Dempo. The typical food of Malang is made from the grains of durian mixed with ice cubes, then watered by sweetened condensed milk and added with syrup.

Although it is not the season of durian fruit, but an ice durian seller in Malang is Es Durian Dempo, located behind SMAK St. Albertus Malang. Therefore, high school is known as SMA Dempo. That's why the ice Durian Dempo is now until popular.

If you all want to try this fresh food menu, you come aja to place an ice Dueian Dempo. There is no ice Durian Dempo only, but there are available Es Teler Dempo and Ice Durian Mocca. This place is only open from 8 am until 3 pm. So the game comes yes.

6. Soto Kambing

Soto Kambing has not exploded its abundance, only in the city of Malang Aja. This meal was previously served only for certain circles, such as the safety, or clean of the village. The typical food of Malang consists of goat meat, intestines, bean sprouts, coupled with sliced cabbage.

This food has a unique flavor that is the combination of sotto and Gulai flavor. In its dishes, the typical food of Malang is coupled with lime to reduce the smell of goat meat. This food is best eaten while still hot and with hot rice too.

If you want to try this typical food of Malang, you can play along the road of Malang to Batu which is sold by street vendors who bear the inscription Soto AJA. Oh yes don't be deceived by ya because it is rare that this food is found in Warung, restaurant, or restaurants in Malang that provide Soto Kambing.

7. Grilled Meatballs

This is a very different "Bakso Bakar". From the other meals, this culinary menu is relatively new. This typical food of Malang was first brought about by Warung Pak Man or Suparman in 1997 first until now become very popular.

This food is made from beef and then boiled and then burned. Before being burned, the meatballs were watered, soy sauce, and special seasonings. So after burnt Bakso Bakar Malang characteristic has a fragrant aroma, and has a taste of delicious and spicy.

You have to try the typical food of Malang because it is unique and tastes delicious too. If you are curious about how it feels, you can come directly to Warung Bakso Bakar Pak Man which is precisely on Jln. Diponegoro No. 19 A Malang City.

8. Sego Goreng Rawut

The Mawut fried Sego is quite famous in Malang city. Sounding from the name may be lho all will laugh because in Javanese language means to be scattered or messy. So, this is how the fried rice is messy. Although this is a very unique name, everyone will feel hooked.

Seen from a glimpse of the appearance probably lho all feel like fried rice combined with fried noodles. With soft fried rice and chewy fried noodles make a very tasty flavor. The bright brown color resulting from the sauce and ketchup is coupled with the hat, pickles and lettuce leaves that make the appetite even more.

For all who visit Malang city, you can all easily find it in various corners of Malang. And the food place is precisely on Jln. Aris Munandar, Malang Square area, Warung Makan Pak Iwan.

9. The Angsle

The next is the food that has a sweet and delicious flavor. The typical food of Malang is a kind of drink similar to the Sekoteng. And the food is good if it's hot, so it's suitable for evenings and when the weather is cold.

The typical food of Malang is made of slices of bread, roasted peanuts, and boiled green beans, and additional petulo or Putu Mayang, tape cassava, porridge and steamed white glutinous rice, and all the above are like stuffing Sekoteng. And this typical food of Malang using coconut milk is different from the Sekoteng who do not use coconut milk at all.

From the original recipe, the typical food of Malang does not use ginger, but often use the word Wedang Angsle then this food uses ginger ingredients. To find the typical food of Malang is very easy because the street vendors selling Angsle sell in the afternoon until night and enter the alleys, housing, and sold on the roadside.

10. The Hedgehog and the Biawak satay

Do not think strange about this food. From the name it sounded rather extreme, because the hedgehog was a thorn-filled animal and the one who saw it would be afraid of her. And how the Hedgehog how to catch it is only the hedgehog satay maker who knows.

There is no need to worry about the taste, guaranteed to be processed from this hedgehog is not less delicious with other processed satay. The owner of the restaurant who provides this urchin satay is Ibu Ria. The mother Ria made a very good hedgehog satay. Because in addition to the soft porcupine meat coupled with special spices made by Mrs. Ria.

How Lho all interested try it? Just come to the hedgehog satay and the Biawak Bu Ria which is precisely on Jln. Raya Bugis No. 47 Saptorenggo, Pakis Malang. This dining place is open from 9am to 9am.

11. Celaket

From the name Putu is a favorite food for young people in Malang. Putu Lanang own food made from rice flour filled with brown sugar, then steamed until cooked. This meal is served using banana leaves with savory grated coconut sprinkles, which makes the tongue lho all sway. 

One of the places that provides Putu Lanang's menu precisely on Jln. Attorney General Suprapto, Gang Buntu RT 03 Malang. This place has been selling Putu Lanang since 1935. This food is very legendary because of the past until now Putu Lanang fan is still there today.

Not only other menu in this place is Cenil, Lupis, getuk that can be eaten in place and can be taken home for souvenirs. The food is quite healthy for those who eat it.

12. Rujak Cingur

Rujak a pretty tasty food. This meal is served with sweet and savory peanut sauce, which tempts our faith to eat it. One of the food places that provides this Rujak Cingur is the Warung Rujak Cingur Budhe Ruk. This restaurant was founded in 1960, which became legendary to date.

If you are curious can aja precisely on Jln. Suruji No. 17, Malang Gang 1. And very famous, this Alley 1 is referred to as the Alley Rujak because of its location Budhe Ruk and this place never deserted visitors.

13. Post glutinous Legends 1967

Now you have a sticky rice. Here provide various sticky rice menu. This place also became legendary because it was already in the year 1967, and this place was never deserted by the buyer. The Menu of the speech is a variety of glutinous powder, glutinous milk, glutinous cheese, and sticky rice.

If you are all curious about the taste, just come to the place of the legendary sticky Rice Pos 1967 precisely on Jln. KH. Agus Salim Batu (Stone Square area). It is open every day from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m..

Well that's 13 typical food of Malang which is very good and shake our tongue. So there came to the places above if Lho all visited in the city of Malang. Until meet again guys. Thank you, until you meet again.  
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