5 Great Indonesian influences to change the world!

Indonesia is not as powerful and as American or Japanese as it is. However, Indonesia's influence is major in the international world, especially in the past. Indonesia is a country that has always pioneered a movement against oppression. Not only in the Southeast Asian region alone. The influence of Indonesia even to all countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

In Indonesia's 70 anniversary, let us remember again. The greatness and influence of Indonesia cannot be underestimated. What are the influences? Monggo we watch together while infused!

1. Pioneer of Asian-African Conference

Indonesia is one of the pioneers of the Asian-African Conference (KAA). Even the Chairperson of the Conference was an Indonesian named Ali Sastroamidjoyo. The conference, which was attended by 29 countries in Asia and Africa, was first held in Bandung in 1955. The Asian-African Conference can be created thanks to Sukarno's thought and some of his colleagues from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Burma (Myanmar).

This Conference aims to establish cooperation in economics and culture. In addition, another important thing to be discussed is colonialism. The Asian and African regions must be free from the practice of colonialism that nations often do from Europe. Human rights issues have also been an important issue because when the war right it seemed to disappear from every citizen. Indonesia has a major role in this conference. As a result, many Asian and African countries have begun to build their country according to the results of the Conference.

2. Pioneer of Non block Movement (GNB)

The Non-block movement is a movement against the cold War conducted by the Western Bloc (the Americas and allies) and the Eastern Bloc (Russia and its communist comrades). This war has made the world tension rise after the Second World War. Indonesia does not want that to happen. Finally the Non block movement is formed. Even Indonesia as its home host in 1992.

The Non-block movement which runs the first high-level conference in Jakarta produces several formulas. Sukarno, our state president was commissioned to the American president, John F. Kennedi to convey the formulation. Several years later, President Suharto who became Indonesia's representative pioneered a dialogue between the disputing countries at the G-7 SUMMIT, Tokyo in 1993. Indonesia has always proposed the elimination of colonialism in every existing world economic SUMMIT. Excellent!

3. Indonesia's influence on ASEAN to the world

ASEAN is a group of Southeast Asian countries with a total of ten. Indonesia is the most large country in the region. Its influence is also strongest. Indonesia pioneered the peace of several countries that conflict in the region such as Thailand and Cambodia. In addition, Indonesia has always been trusted as an ASEAN leader because it has a very good policy for the entire country of the region.

For the world, the ASEAN region is a very important place. In terms of strength and economy, ASEAN is the second most powerful after the African Union. Although many of his countries have not developed such as East Asia, ASEAN is able to reveal real roles. All things can happen because Indonesia has a huge role for all!

4. Indonesia's role in the United Nations

The UN or the United Nations is a group of countries that aim to stop the war in the world. Keep an eye on the country and make peace. Although the UN is currently not so much a role in world peace. This can be seen from the war in the Earth, but the era is already very modern. Strong countries have always had a hidden interest and mastered large organizations like the UN.

Although Indonesia does not have the American or British power in the United NATIONS. But our country has a huge role. In fact always keep world peace. The proof, Indonesia has repeatedly sent the world Peace troops from 1957 until the 1990 's. Dozens of Indonesian soldiers have been transforming into a peace that has always been the ideals of the United Nations. Well, its a small role in the organization, but big enough for a country that is experiencing conflict! That's what matters!

5. Badminton Changes the world!

Who says sports can't change the world? Can! Indonesia does it very well. It used to be, yes once. Indonesia is a country that is very famous for its bulutangkis. In every world championship, Indonesia can always resonate. Consequently, many countries are studied to Indonesia. Even the country that became the origin of the sports Tepok fur, England, recognizes the greatness of Indonesia.

Then where to change it? This sport is so world trend. Many countries so send their representatives to Indonesia. In effect, the relationship between two countries will improve. In addition, nowadays badminton prestige is almost equal to football. So, if you like it, the conflict can be removed. Then the world peace will be well realized. Yes, though not so strong. But at least have been able to change even a little!

That is the influence of Indonesia that is able to change the world better. Hopefully in the upcoming ERA this role will be more and more. These country leaders are you! Surely this country would be great if you lead, agree? May
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