4 Tips on How to Melt Your Baby's hair in Content

Having a healthy baby with thick hair may be a much coveted thing by parents, especially the mother. But in having a healthy baby with thick hair should be accompanied by certain efforts of the mother himself, especially if the mother has had a strong desire so that the baby is still in his womb. Yes, the effort must be made from the earliest possible so that the desire to melt the baby's hair in this womb can be realized if it is born later.

Efforts as early as possible should be done alone by the pregnant mother. Well, here's an early effort or tips on how to melt a baby's hair in a content collected from various traditional advices;

1. Consumption of water decoction of mung beans

Consuming green bean stew is one of the most effective ways to melt the baby's hair in the womb. This is because in the water decoction of green beans contains many proteins and folic acid, where both substances are the main intake factor in the hair to melt the baby. This is a way that pregnant mothers in southeast Asia are most widely committed or more liked. The pregnant woman is advised to drink boiling green bean water at least one glass per day on a regular basis.

2. Consumption of lean meat

Meat is acknowledged to contain many protein and folic acid and also fat. But pregnant mothers who want their baby to be thick-haired later, then consumption of meat without fat. Because many fats are not very good for pregnant women. This lean meat can be found in Kampung chicken meat, but the thigh. So, consuming chicken thighs routinely can help in the melt of baby hair since the womb.  

3. Consumption of Tempe and tofu

As we have known that Tempe and Tofu is one of the food sources of vegetable protein that is good for pregnant women. So, mothers can consume a meal from the basic ingredients of soy beans with a variety of dishes every day. This can help in early attempts to melt the hair from the womb as well.

4. Consumption of coconut water

Coconut water has been recognized as a lot of efficacious because it contains many substances that are beneficial to health, especially protein and folic acid of course. In terms of the baby's hair, drinking coconut water every day can be very helpful in creating it.

That's the tips on how to get the baby hair in the womb in the health article of pregnant women this time. Hopefully can help the health of Bunda!
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