5 How to Naturally Cope with Mouth Sores and Deep Heat in Toddlers

If the toddler is experiencing health problems, although mild disorders such as thrush and heat in the example can certainly make the parents feel worried, especially the mother. Thrush and heat may include a ringa-type health disorder, but looking at the consequences of symptoms, the disease can cause the toddler to suffer enough because the toddler feels uncomfortable, lethargic or not excited to play, the view The eyes are dim, even being often cranky or crying. It is of course very disturbing and makes the parents anxious or worried.

Generally, the disease of thrush and heat can become intertwined or causal because it has a base of almost the same cause, namely deficiency of vitamin C and fiber as well as body fluids as well as eating too much food containing many Oils and fats. Diseases of canker and heat are also caused by the weather and environmental factors are also stressful. Therefore, both disorders should immediately be addressed appropriately. As for how to cope with the thrush and heat in the toddler in a natural, easy and precise, is as follows;

1. Giving breast milk or warm white water

Because one of the causes of Deep heat disorder is a lack of fluid, then please do not need breast milk and drink (water) in your toddler every day, especially in the time of experiencing deep heat or canker sores.

2. Provide healthy food and many contain vitamin C and fiber

This will be more effective because healthy foods contain vitamin C and fiber (green fruits and vegetables) are able to neutralize even kill the germs and bacteria causing the disturbance of thrush and heat in until it can heal immediately Natural.

3. Provide coconut water

This can be used as an alternative as a natural hot medicine because it contains many body fluid additives until the body can be powered back.

4. Give the water a green bean stew or corn hair

This stew is very similar to its function with coconut water, besides can be used to thicken the toddler's hair. In the stew of mung beans, you can add a bit of palm sugar or rock sugar for sweet flavor so that the toddler will drink it.

5. Conducting compression

This is done as an out-of-body treatment solution, in addition to doing the obstruction of the body. Compress the toddler's forehead with a towel or soft cloth moistened by water for about 10-15 minutes until the toddler feels better or more comfortable. 

When the thrush has not subsided, it is recommended that mommy immediately be checked in the pediatrician because severe thrush can cause high heat, swelling or decreased appetite. Such are the ways to overcome the thrush and heat in the toddler in a natural, easy and precise way that we can describe here. May your little child be healthy again!
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