8 Causes and How to Overcome the Bitter Mouth in Pregnant Women

In general, expectant mothers often experience morning sickness, especially in the early days of pregnancy. It is more due to the hormonal changes in the body in pregnant women, especially estrogen hormones. This morning sickness condition on average makes pregnant women often feel nausea, vomiting, dizziness and bitter mouth. This condition of course can last for the period of pregnancy or also only lasts for 3-6 months gestation period.

It depends on how to maintain health, especially in dietary patterns, adequate activity, and others that support the health and development of the fetus in its womb. Well, in overcoming the symptoms of morning sicknes, especially in the way of overcoming bitter mouth in pregnant women there is a fairly simple and natural step. Here's how to fix it;

1. Avoiding a nausea-causing scent

Expectant mothers are usually quite sensitive to smell. When you have smelled a scent that has a nausea, it will automatically be able to make dizziness and mouth of pregnant women will feel bitter. Therefore, try to avoid the aroma of the trigger nausea. 

2. Adequate rest and reduced weight activity

If pregnant women do not get enough rest or fatigue is not impossible will make pregnant women feel dizziness and nausea is bitter-mouth because of the hormonal changes caused by fatigue in the body. 

3. The portion eats slightly but more often

This is quite effective in overcoming symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women, including nausea and also can reduce the bitter taste in the mouth of pregnant women.

4. Consume dry snacks, such as wheat biscuits periodically

Many dry biscuits, such as wheat biscuits will be able to give enough nutrients to the body of the pregnant mother until the nausea, dizziness and bitter mouth will not be too often approached.

5. Increase food consumption of ASEM

This is very effective in overcoming the bitter taste in the mouth of pregnant women, which is one of the symptoms of morning sickness. Try to consume half-cooked mangoes, vitamin C, lime, lemon, tomatoes routinely until the bitter taste in the mouth disappears.

6. Reduce foods that contain lots of salt or salty

Pregnant women's tongue is very sensitive to the sour and salty flavors. Pregnant women can consume a lot of food, but should not be with salty food. This is because it can cause hypertension. Therefore, avoid the salty-salty food to prevent the risk of this hypertension.

7. Diligently brushing the teeth and the surface of the tongue

Maintaining oral hygiene is a factor that reduces the symptoms of morning sickness, such as bitter taste in the mouth. Then take a routine to brush the teeth and the surface of the tongue on a daily basis.

8. Chewing Candy Mint

This is a quick way to eliminate the bitter taste in the mouth due to morning sickness symptoms in pregnant women.

That is why and how to cope with the bitter mouth in pregnant women in this article. Hopefully the condition of the mother at home is improving.
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