History of Batman Films-The origins of Batman

Besides Superman, Batman is a superhero who has a lot of bears. Some of Batman's films have been successful in the market. Here's a unique fact about Batman that many people don't necessarily know:

1. The creation of Batman

After a great success with the comic  "Superman " In 1939, DC Comics opened a competition to the new superhero. Bob Kane, then known as the creator of  "Detective Comics " Directly proposes a superhero named  "The Bat-Man " As a new superhero much more realistic than Superman, much darker and mysterious, as the character Bob Kane As an artist of mystery.

2. The basic concept of Batman

 "The Bat-Man" which later changed its name to  "Batman " departs from the basic concept of Ninja from Japan. Batman's own costume is a combination of two of his predecessor superhero costumes Zorro and The Phantom, while his robes can expand inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's ornithopter. The character behind the Batman costume itself is named after "Bruce Wayne " Who was inspired by the Scottish hero's name  "Robert Bruce " and the American Hero  "Anthony Wayne ".

3. Batman's appearance

At first, Batman doesn't have his own comic series. He appears as a side figure in the famous mystery comic at that time, "Detective Comics " Episode 27, published in May 1939. It was only in June of the same year that the comics appeared titled "Batman Confidential ".

4. Batman Cartoons

After a successful comic, Batman was later adapted into the film and animated series (cartoons). Here's the evolution of Batman cartoons from time to time:

5. Batman Live-Action Movie

Batman is also repeatedly elevated to the live-action realm. Here's the evolution of the live-action Batman from time to time:

Bruce Wayne over time:

6. Live-Action Batmobile

Batmobile is a vehicle used by Batman to patrol the city of Gotham. But what attracts attention is the live-action version of Batmobile itself that always steals attention. Here's the evolution of the Batmobile live-action:

7. Batman Enemies

The enemies of Batman are actually very much, more than 100 enemies once appeared in the comics directed by Bob Kane. While in the live-action version, just about 12 Batman enemies have ever been raised. Here are 12 Batman enemies that have appeared in the live-action movie Batman. 

8. Batman's enemies that have not appeared in the Live-Action

In addition to the 12 enemies of Batman, there are still dozens of even hundreds of Batman enemies ever created by Bob Kane. Some of them are the most popular but have never been filmed, among others:
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